• Age: 55
  • Occupation: MD
  • Lives in: New Jersey
  • Family: A mother to 3 amazing children

Today we had the joy of spending some quality time with Dr. Nidia Carrero, a trained anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, who has dedicated her work in the research and management of chronic pain, degenerative diseases, and holistic transformation. We discussed the powerful shift she has had in her life and career, and her vision and contribution in the different aspects of her life.

Q: What is most significant impact the work at Synergy has had on your life?

A: Synergy paved a sacred space to discover “me” again and regain what works and slowly shed what doesn’t. Synergy’s gift to me was time for reflection, and I found tools to trust that my imperfections did not make me damage goods. I discovered that I mattered for more than just what I gave but who I was.

Q: How has it helped you fulfill your personal legacy?

A: I reconnected with the joy of being a healer again, and that has given me purpose and a joy I thought was lost. I had lost my passion for healing and it became about status and looking good regardless of whether I made a difference or not! I woke up one morning not wanting to be a physician anymore because it lacked substance and I felt like a fraud. There was no joy left in my work and I felt lost. I realized I was only working in my profession to serve mostly me, but wanting the opposite. My greatest discovering was choose to live in full contribution and being able to recreate my work and whom I got to be within that work, to be of service.

Q: What was missing in your everyday life before you did the Synergy workshops?

A: Pure Joy, a light heart, and trusting energy that all isn’t as I want it but it will work out as it should. If I could control the air and how and when it blew I would! It made me arrogant and distant towards the people in my world, including my family and children. I missed out on enjoying the simple things that make the people in my life special.

Q: The work we do at Synergy is mostly around contribution and living a bigger life around that. How has that been a part of your life this past year?

A: I’ve dedicated my days to giving back, and now I do so aware of how and who it affects. Before, my work was on automatic. Today, I am more accepting of everyone’s journey and I love to volunteer my time and whatever there is in me to give as freely and as often as possible!

I volunteer at Synergy to forward others, I teach wellness, and I’ve dedicated this past year more than ever to speak and take a stance against practicing wellness and healing for just a dollar sign!

Q: What are the some new possibilities that have now opened up for you for the coming new year, how is 2016 going to be different for you?

A: I get to impact through compassion, empathy, and real love of what I do as a healer, a mother, a daughter, a friend, and a partner. I get to practice the greatest profession in the world, the practice of healing! It opens up love to give and receive, sense of accomplishment and worth! I get to unite my family, enjoy my children, and accept the parents I have been blessed to learn froml I get to allow love to enter my life again!


Q: What’s the value of Synergy in the world we live in today? Why do you think it’s needed?

A: It’s a barometer of social consciousness from which we can make true forwarding changes, through the power of choice. Synergy is the gift that keeps on giving. Through the opportunity to contribute to other people’s journey, self-discoveries, and personal growth, we stay in an inquiry of our own.

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